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Our Focus is People Development and Institutional Strengthening

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Management and Training Specialists
Strengthening You, Your People and Your Organization is Our Business

We seek to join hands with you and your organization to further strengthen our work in transforming ourselves to create improved quality of life for our customers, our employees, our shareholders, as well as our Earth and Universe. The Konsultants believe that, we, Human Beings are tremendously gifted life forms functioning mostly at a fraction of our capabilities and strengths. The purpose of our training programmes and workshops is to facilitate the exploration of our strengths and deploying them to achieve our Personal, Transpersonal and Organizational objectives. We understand that developing “Strategies for meeting the challenges of the competitive business environment” is an extraordinary opportunity to evolve consensus amongst the decision-makers to jointly create a Vision and a Purpose the organization sustenance. This Vision and Purpose is not only a guiding force for our work but is also a statement of our position for our partners, beneficiaries, staff and above all our sponsors. Once a Vision and Purpose is established and understood, it is required to be elaborated and translated into activities that become a road-map and milestones on our road to progress and success. The Konsultants specialize in developing ownership of Visions and Purpose through a Participatory Decision-Making Methodologies (ZOPP and LFA) and Symphony Workshop™.


Transformation and Life Skills Coach
Consultant Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist


Transformational and Life Skills Coach
For the question voiced, let’s explore together!