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We human beings are tremendously gifted life forms. We are talented, artistic, creative, energetic, caring, sharing, loving, dedicated and committed beings. Above all, we are driven by a passionate desire to do well for our organization our country our universe and ourselves. In organizations and institutions, we express our talents and strengths with passion and commitment, but often without harmony. Lack of harmony results in each one of us playing his own piece on his instrument of choice as loudly as possible creating a very noisy environment. This is like a star-studded orchestra without a score (a vision) and a conductor (management), resulting in a small and agitated audience (customers) if any at all. Symphony workshops are aimed at harmonizing our talents and developing synergy, facilitating the human resources to function like a well-coordinated orchestra. Helping the players to breathe and play together, supplementing and complementing each other, moving in unity towards the jointly evolved goals, delivering prosperity and joy for all - IN SYMPHONY – The players (employees), the conductor (management) and the audience (customers). Let us join hands to transform ourselves and discover new horizons

Max Babri

Consulting, counseling, coaching, hypnotherapy, team-building and strengthning life skills. Sports Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Worked with the Pakistan Cricket Team May 2009 and the team won the T-20 World Cup. Was part of the Pakistan Cricket Team as a Sports Psychologist 2012 -13 tour of India and the Team came back victorious. Worked with Golfer in Pakistan and many of the them went on the win National Golf Tournaments and were selected in the Pakistan National Golf Team Goals attempting a journey from: Mindlessness to Mindfulness and Senselessness to meaningfulness Specialties: Reflection
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