July 12, 2017


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Maqbool is my batch mate (1964-1969), and he was one of the large contingent of boys who were taken into the college in 1967 due to the expansion caused by construction of Iqbal and Qasim Houses. He spent his early years in Wah Cantt.Maqbool was always a very innovative and intuitive of my batch mates. We always got along very well. He was soft spoken and had a very good sense of humour.We didn't meet for nearly 3 decades, and then i found him in Lahore in the late 1990s. As Max candidly proposed on the actual use of surplus, he crisply shared the qualities of the sort of leadership which can help achieve that dream of equality based on modernizing and reshaping the industry and its leadership. As per him, ì Humility is a great leadership quality, and as leaders grow.

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Maqbool is my batch mate (1964-1969), and he was one of the large contingent of boys who were taken into the college in 1967 due to the expansion caused by construction of Iqbal and Qasim Houses. He spent his early years in Wah Cantt.


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Writes: Tazyeen Anjum


“How about looking at the industry from the spiritual side of things, Tazyeen?î he asked me. I felt slightly bewildered. I do know Max has a marked ability to maximize on potential and concepts both, but this was new! Spiritual side to business? Wasn’t business discussed only in terms of profit and loss? What is he talking about? But then again, I was destined to learn something new – like each time I met this 65 years old guru of human resources, with silky, long grey hair, and the kindest of eyes I’ve looked into. Max is largely known for his therapeutic skills, but I believe, in essence and all truth, he is only an immaculately practical and practicing human being, sharing his wisdom and knowledge with whoever gets touched by his words, actions, and life, and teaching them to do exactly the same. His worldly wisdom, academic knowledge, and influential role in the business community for human resources and psychology seem blasphemously mundane in comparison to his core traits of undeniable kindness and towering truthfulness. And we all know, what reshapes and initiates change is an honest thought communicated to us kindly. Maxís advice can be a complete guide to revolution for smart business owners based on justice in favour of social equality. Sir Francis Bacon once said, ìSome books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention.î Maxís words, for sure, have the power to initiate some useful diligence.
After all, many of us do not ponder over some challenging questions anymore, such as, ‘What is the purpose of business?’

 ‘What is profit and why profit?’

‘Who are the beneficiaries of a business?’

 ‘Where is the soul of the business residing?’


Let’s find the answers from the man whose life is his message. ‘Saying and doing what is right, and being pro-people is something that is important to me. I believe either one is pro-people and giving, or parasitical and accumulating,’ said Max, concluding on the subjects of reshaping the industry through smart leadership. A series of discussions made me evaluate the existing business pattern, and I discovered that many businesses have the potential to become self-serving and exploitative if not kept on track with a well-thought-out plan.


There must be a way forward! Businesses can surely be transformed to improve quality of life of people and serve humanity, and yet remain sustainable and profitable. There has always been hope! And till the voice of reason is being spoken, there is room for reasonable action and improvement. His thoughts resonate the idea of power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely in my mind ñ something we all know, but still hunger after in our infinite near-sightedness. As per Maxís perspective, ìOne increases their power by sharing it, rather than accumulating and hoarding it!  A larger number of powerful people is better than few very powerful ones.î The idea of collective growth resulting in leadership at all levels emerges from here, as opposed to the wellbeing of some powerful individuals, widely rampant in the current state of affairs. Letís put a reality check there! In Maxís words, ìNormally, the powerful have always wanted to perpetuate their strength by various means, being less thoughtful of othersí rights – hence disempowering others. To me, power is about equality, and the capacity to exercise choices. A judicious and more equitable distribution of resources empowers the world and its citizens, where more people are able to exercise their choices.î


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